Atomic Force Microscopy for Nanotechnology, Scientific Research & Education

AFM - Raman - SNOM
Modular AFM
Automated AFM
Practical AFM
•  Record breaking Raman enhancement factors
•  Nano-Raman spatial resolution: down 10nm
•  High speed TERS* mapping
•  Mass produced, based on serial AFM cantilevers
•  Complete commercial solution for TERS
Fully automated AFM/STM TITANIUM.  NT-MDT - AFM-probes, atomic force microscope (AFM, STM, SPM, RAMAN, SNOM)
Atomic Force Microscope for Research & Education
SOLVER Nano &ndash Atomic Force Microscope for Research & Education
New AFM technique
Comprehensive materials characterization
Ultimate resolution, quantitative analysis
Morphological, mechanical, chemical, electric, magnetic and
other properties within a single scan

Compatible with: NEXT, NTEGRA Prima, NTEGRA Spectra,
SPECTRUM and LIFE systems
Interdisciplinary research at the nanometer scale:
AFM+Confocal Raman+SNOM+TERS
NTEGRA Spectra – Atomic Force Microscope integrated with Confocal Raman and  SNOM systems
Fully automated Atomic Force Microscope
integrated with Inverted Light Microscope
for Biological Research
LIFE – Fully automated Atomic Force Microscope integrated with Inverted Light Microscope
Automated AFM-Raman-SNOM system for a wide range of applications

Grenoble, France. October, 7-9, 2014

The Netherlands. October 10, 2014

Technopolis Moscow, Russia. October, 14-16, 2014

Boston, Massachusetts, USA. December, 1-5, 2014

Basic Principles of AFM Advanced Modes & Applications

The webinar took place on July 16, 2014.

The webinar will be available for download soon.

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    Beyond the Diffraction Limit: AFM Integration with
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Unique cantilever-type TERS* probes for nano-Raman imaging

Drawing of Atomic Force Microscopy technique HybriD ModeRecord Raman enhancement factors, highest nano-Raman spatial resolution and excellent AFM performance.

Together with the dedicated NT-MDT AFM-Raman-TERS equipment, the probes deliver complete high performance commercial TERS solution.
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 * TERS: Tip Enhanced Raman Scattering (nano-Raman)
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